Relationship page? Idk Jared's and Clarence's Basics The slightly insane person behind all this

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hey remember that law i forget exactly how it goes but its something along the lines of ‘if you murder someone you go to jail’ whatever happened to that? is that still a thing

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Doge was just a reincarnation of Lolcats. Peasant was a reincarnation of n00b. Screwing up emoticons is essentially just newfag can’t triforce again. Memes are cyclical. The resurrection of Rickrolling coincided with the resurrection of other old memes like ironically liking Shrek. The return of old memes is merely part of the natural evolution, until one day the master meme will rise from the shadows.

and then all your base will belong to him

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"Turn me into air so you can breathe me in.
Hold me so tight that you absorb me."

—jenn satsune (via ohsatsune)
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choose carefully: the red pill or the blue pill

Either way, you’re not leaving the couch for sixteen hours.

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"Forever is just a word" closed rplay with Staying-awake-today




"That would be just fine" she said, setting down on the table "it would give us time to plan things and move if necessary…we have that empty room we use as supplies closet tho…so.." Shrugging a bit, she laid her head on the table yawning "Jared will be heartbroken for the news of postponing the wedding
We’ll make up to him by telling him what we are up to though”

Liu smiled and nodded. “We could use that. That is, if we can find a place for all of that stuff.” He laughed a bit. “I’m sure he can handle it. If not, he can tough it out.”

Clarence nodded “I’m sure we can sell most of it, it’s mostly old paintings and pictures that were on my parents’ house
Along with my instruments
So it shouldn’t be hard…” Giggling a bit she pulled up her phone “do you think we should call him right now…? Give him a bit of a surprise and…” She trailed off when she noticed the hour “Amber hasn’t wake up yet…that’s sort of…weird…”


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Reincarnation RP




Jared smiled at the younger boy and nodded “your number…I mean of that’s okay with you…I promise we are no freaks what so ever, she is just interested in you…”
"Oh am I…?" Jared’s smile faltered a bit as he heard Clarence moving close to them, he grinned back at her "to a point…?" She laughed a bit and stood besides the man, purposely stepping on his foot "hello, the name’s Clarence Noir, I’m sorry about my friend, he is determined to find me a boyfriend even when I don’t want one, my apologies, I promise he won’t bother you again, Mister…?"
"Liu!" Jared chimed in "Liu in an interesting name…is the first time ever I hear it…pretty amazing nonetheless, such things are not usual at all nowadays"

"I guess wouldn’t mind," he said, despite knowing better. Something inside of him told him that it was bad idea, that it was best to stay away from them at all costs. Besides, what if they get hurt because of me?

Hearing Clarence, he looked up and smiled politely at her. Her voice sounded just as he remembered it. He could still feel how warm his cheeks were. Liu was still as easily embarrassed as he had been when he first was alive. He shook his head. “Oh, there’s no need to apologize! Clarence, was it?” They both have the exact same names. This world is cruel. He returned his attention to Jared. “Thanks! Not many people seem to think the same as you.” He rubbed the back of his neck and smiled sheepishly. “Having this name was quite a pain when I was a kid.”

"I can imagine children being cruel only
As children are…” Jared said still smiling a bit “kids used to bully my brother over ha name, Shannon, they said it was a girl’s name…”
"It is a girl’s name as much as mine’s a boy’s name…anyway, I still apologise for him, sir" Clarence said politely "he is too spontaneous at times" she stated, casually linking arms with Jared, as if ready to pull him away if necessary
"I wasn’t doing anything wrong though "Jared said, falsely hurt "yeah…whatever" Clarence said sternly, laugher bright in her eyes though "so,
Liu, hope to see you around again someday
All that this fucker said is mostly not truth~” she stated, pulling at Jared’s long-ish hair


Fun facts about your sign here

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Extra :




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i am so offended yall thought i was lying

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i can’t stop laughing he’s like what no climb

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this fucking mentality that you can’t be best friends with your significant other, that romance ruins a friendship, that BOTH FRIENDSHIP AND ROMANCE CANNOT OCCUR SIMULTANEOUSLY kills me like

that’s such a horrible, horrible and unhealthy mentality to have

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